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The Tinderbox Podcast

The Tinderbox, Ep. 56: Mark Giordano & Seattle Kraken

We break down Gio going (allegedly) to Seattle and what comes next.

The Tinderbox Ep. 55: We Grade The Flames, Johnny Gaudreau and Reader Questions

We offer our grades on the Flames as a whole and give you suggestions on what to do if you’re hung over. Yup, it’s the off season.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 54: ELIMINATION! Plus Your Questions

We’re mourning (not really) the Flames being eliminated from the NHL Playoffs.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 53: Playoff Talk, Johnny & Lindy Success, Reader Questions

We debate two hot topics: best hockey movie and are Vegas’ gold helmets bad?

The Tinderbox, Ep. 52: Calgary’s Recent Success, Looking Ahead & Reader Questions

We jam packed this podcast with lots of relevant topics and reader questions!

The Tinderbox, Ep. 51: We’re Talking Post Trade Deadline Flames

Trades, Lucic, Markstrom and Playoffs. It’s like a pot luck dinner.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 50: We Turned 50....And Didn’t Even Mention It

It’s our 50th podcast and we’re discussing the current state of the Calgary Flames.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 49: We’re Talking Flames/Jets & What Lies Ahead For Calgary

We’re not very positive that the Flames rest of the season will be positive.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 48: Is The Darryl Sutter Bump Real?

In this episode we tackle the pressing issues regarding the Flames.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 47: Darryl Sutter Returns!!!

The Flames fired Geoff Ward after a 7-3 victory and hired Darryl Sutter immediately.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 46: Flames Talk, Jack Eichel & What To Do About Geoff Ward?

Would Jack Eichel work with the Flames and how would Calgary get him?

The Tinderbox, Ep. 45: We Aren’t Happy With The Calgary Flames

Mark, Michael and Maddie just kind of let the Flames have it in this episode of The Tinderbox.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 44: What’s Going On With The Flames & BOA Preview

There’s a lot of negativity to unpack.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 43: BOA, Sam Bennett & Reader Questions

We loaded up today with fantastic content for your listening pleasure.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 42: Flames/Canadiens, D Pairings, Tkachuk Too Fired Up? And More!

There’s a lot to talk about and we were a 50/50 split of positive and negative.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 40: Previewing The Calgary Flames Season

It’s an audio guide to what we think will happen with the Flames in 2020-21.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 34: Previewing the Flames Upcoming Games

We look ahead to match-ups with the Oilers and Jets.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 32: George Floyd Killing, Flames Response and Some Flames Hockey Talk

Difficult topics need to be addressed and that’s what we did on this episode of The Tinderbox.

The Tinderbox, Ep. 31: HOCKEY IS BACK!, Sports Crying & Sports Pet Peeves

It was nice to talk about actual hockey....then we found out Mark hates everything fun.

The Tinderbox Episode 6: What Lies Ahead For The Calgary Flames?

Today we sat down and talked about what's coming up for the Flames.

The Tinderbox, Episode 5: Talking Trade Deadline, Retired Numbers & More!

It's been a while so Mark & Michael covered many topics!

The Tinderbox Episode 4: Last Week's Games, Your Questions, Looking Ahead

It's podcast time!

The Tinderbox: Episode 3

What a week we had to breakdown!

The Tinderbox: Episode 2

It's time for your questions!

The Tinderbox: It's Podcast Time!

It's got a name, a logo and we're ready to do more!


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