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Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets [Game 81]

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames at Los Angeles Kings

The Flames playoff hopes would end with anything other than a regulation victory.

San Jose Sharks at Calgary Flames [Game 72]

A not-quite-must-win must win.

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames [Game 71]

The Battle of Alberta is a must win for the Flames

New York Islanders at Calgary Flames [Game 70]

The Flames hit the 70 game mark as Mike Smith returns.

Calgary Flames at Ottawa Senators [Game 69]


Calgary Flames at Buffalo Sabres [Game 68]

The Flames are desperate for a win as they take on the second worst team in the NHL.

Calgary Flames at Pittsburgh Penguins [Game 67]

The Flames are eastbound and down as they take on the Pittsburgh Penguins

Calgary Flames Sunday Game Thread

The Flames are off, but there's plenty of games with playoff implications ahead.

New York Rangers at Calgary Flames [Game 66]

The struggling Flames welcome a woeful opponent

Colorado Flames at Colorado Avalanche [Game 65]

Another pivotal game, this one a scheduled loss. Can the Flames overcome the odds?

Calgary Flames at Dallas Stars [Game 64]

The Flames and Stars square off with major playoff implications

Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames [Game 63]

It's important, folks

Florida Panthers at Calgary Flames [Game 60]

Calgary Flames at Nashville Predators

Calgary Flames at Boston Bruins [Game 57]

The Flames take on the scary-good Boston Bruins

Calgary Flames at New York Islanders [Game 56]

The Matchsticks and Gasoline game thread and the Lighthouse Hockey game thread look a lot alike.

Calgary Flames at New York Rangers [Game 55]

The New York metropolitan area trip continues

Calgary Flames at New Jersey Devils [Game 54]

The Calgary Flames take on former Oiler Taylor Hall

Calgary Flames at Chicago Blackhawks [Game 53]

Flames at Blackhawks

Tampa Bay Lightning at Calgary Flames [Game 51]

Another game, another great opponent, no lineup changes

Vegas Golden Knights at Calgary Flames [Game 50]

The best of the West comes to Calgary

Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers [Game 49]

It's the Battle of Alberta, but it feels a lot like both teams are just trying to make it to the All-Star break.

Buffalo Sabres at Calgary Flames [Game 47]

The Flames take on the worst place team in the East

Calgary Flames at Carolina Hurricanes [Game 45]

The Southeast trip continues

Calgary Flames at Tampa Bay Lightning [Game 43]

I'm going to cyber-slap the next person that puts an "E" in "Lightning".

Calgary Flames at Minnesota Wild [Game 42]

The Flames square off against a Wild team that's close to them in standings only

Anaheim Ducks at Calgary Flames [Game 41]

Los Angeles Kings at Calgary Flames [Game 40]

A pivotal game against the Kings means more Troy Brouwer and Curtis Lazar

Chicago Blackhawks at Calgary Flames [Game 39]

An NHL career begins as the calendar year ends.

Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks [Game 38]

Going for the second win in 13 years in Anaheim


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