Watch: Miikka Kiprusoff and Brendan Morrison go fishing


You all know who Miikka Kiprusoff is, of course.

Brendan Morrison, too - he was only on the Flames for a season and a half, but he put together a really good campaign with Calgary when he first came.

Anyway, both are noted fishermen - so much so that Morrison has his own show, called Sportfishing Adventures. And in the first year of Kipper's retirement, Morrison - who was out of the NHL, as well - invited him on.

This is a full 23 minute episode of the two being nerds about fishing, with some hockey talk thrown in for good measure. After all, Morrison was a Canuck for so long - they gotta keep up the rivalry jabs!

This originally aired a year ago, but has only been uploaded recently. Enjoy, because it's possibly the best thing ever,

Watch Josh Jooris: Now an NHLer, then, a freshman


Before Josh Jooris joined the Calgary Flames, he was an undrafted hockey player attending Union College.

In celebration of his new contract, let's throw back to this interview from his first college year, when he was apparently still pretty awesome at hockey. A hat trick in his first game? That's not too bad at all.

Mic'd Up: Flames bench reacts to Johnny Gaudreau's game-tying goal


Boy, that's a loud bench. And a LOUD building.

I think my favourite part is probably Mikael Backlund jumping around to hug everybody, but Josh Jooris' clear untethered enthusiasm is up there, too.

Mark Giordano's Rallying Cry


This was on the jumbotron Sunday night ahead of the Flames' first home game. I felt the passion and energy 4,000 miles away

Britain's Ben O'Connor's Insane Penalty Shot - Better Than Schlemko?


The IIHF World Championship minor groups are currently underway, with Division 1 Group B taking place in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. This goal, by Great Britain's defenceman, Sheffield Steelers standout Ben O'Connor, was the game-winner in their 3-2 victory over South Korea.

Obviously, it draws instant comparisons to David Schlemko's shootout wondergoal against the Bruins, but which is better?

Sam Bennett's first NHL point


Missed it? You might have, because it only took him 33 seconds. What a future we're looking at. Get hype.

Gaudreau for Calder? Ask the Flames, it's obvious


I dare you to watch that video and not think, "Oh my god, how are we so lucky to get to watch this player EVERY GAME."

It's pretty epic. The Flames have done a good job selling him. Well, not as good a job as Gaudreau himself has done, because... wow.

Gaudreau for Calder, easily.

And here's Mark Giordano beating Johnny Gaudreau


Of course, Gaudreau had to be slower than Giordano in something... and here it is!

Mark Giordano teases Johnny Gaudreau in new Visa ad


WATCH IT. Johnny just breaks. It's adorable. This team is adorable and great. I love each and every one of them.