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Throwback Thursday: A look into Darren McCarty’s tenure with the Flames

A look into Darren McCarty’s short but sweet tenure with the Flames

Game 1: Anaheim Mighty Ducks v Calgary Flames Photo by Tim Smith/Getty Images

The Flames have certainly had a long list of players that have been synonymous with other teams but have somehow managed to spend time in Cowtown. One of those being the most infamous enforcers of all time... Darren McCarty.

In 99 regular-season games played with the Flames from 2005-06 till 2006-07, McCarty put up 13 points (7 goals and 6 assists), and in 7 playoff games played in the 05-06 season, he had 2 goals. One of them was a game-winning goal in Game 1 of the 2006 WCQF against the Anaheim Ducks. One of the biggest and most prominent goals he scored while wearing the Flaming C.

McCarty was and still is revered as one of the toughest enforcers of the early 2000s, but people often forget that he could also score some goals as well. Some of those being at key times in a game. He scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in the 1997 SCF with the Detroit Red Wings. the biggest goal of his career and a goal that cemented his legacy in Mo-town.

In an interview with Betway, McCarty talked about the goal and what it meant to him.

“Look at all the Hall of Famers I’ve played with and been around, but my Hall of Fame moment is that after Scotty retired, and after we won the Cups, Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch were having a big party. Scotty Bowman walked up and he says to me and he says: “Hey, D-Mac, I wanted to let you know, one of the things I regret the most is that I didn’t tell my players how much I appreciate ‘em. You’re my second favourite right-winger ever to play for me next to Guy LaFleur.” Some great praise from the best coach in NHL history.

Out of the 100’s of fights he had (the most infamous being Fight Night at the Joe), McCarty remembers his fight against Matthew Barnaby in Colorado as one of his favourites.

“Matthew Barnaby, in front of the net in Colorado. Because he’s one of those guys you always want to get your hands on, and I got my hands on him. I got him pretty good.”

He had another rematch with Barnaby but many years later when he was a member of the Flames. Another one-sided fight, as McCarty got the best of him once again. Out of the 99 games played in Cowtown, he recorded more penalties minutes than he had games played. Accumulating 175 PIMs and having some memorable fights. Some of his notable fights in Calgary are his fight against Sheldon Souray, the infamous fight against Wade Brookbank after a Flames goal, melee against Brad May and lastly his rematch against Matthew Barnaby.

A solid tenure in Cowtown, although it did end on a sour note. Certainly going to be remembered as one of the weirdest Flames to dawn the Flaming C.

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