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The Tinderbox, Ep. 76: The Flames/Wild, Oliver Kylington, IIHF Decision On Russia & Belarus

There’s a lot going on in the world of hockey today.

The Tinderbox Podcast

Oof. There’s a lot to discuss on a very busy Monday in the world of hockey. There’s Flames games to look at. There’s big hits to discuss. And the international hockey stage provided some breaking news right before we recorded. Dig in below!

Episode 76: Hosted by Mark, Michael Gordie

-Flames and Canucks, brief recap

-Flames and Wild recap/preview

-Oliver Kylington is OK


-Sam Bennett hit: good or bad?

-IIHF bans Russia and Belarus from international play

-The Golden Goal is 12 years old today

-Oilers Mom’s calling out the team on Twitter

-Gordie’s Corner: Colorado Avalanche gets their uniform/helmet combo’s correct

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