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The Tinderbox, Ep. 75: Flames and Columbus, Tyler Toffoli & Can Johnny Gaudreau Catch Jarome Iginla?

Tyler Toffoli had a pretty good debut with Calgary last night.

The Tinderbox Podcast

We’re back with another podcast this week, this time it’s The Tinderbox. We’re looking back at the Flames 6-2 victory over the Anaheim Ducks and our impressions of the newest member of the Flames in Tyler Toffoli. We also look at how close Johnny Gaudreau can get to Jarome Iginla’s franchise points record and a lot more!

Episode 75, Hosted by: Mark, Michael and Gordie

-Recapping the Flames 6-2 victory over the Blue Jackets

-Tyler Toffoli’s debut

-Calgary and Anaheim preview

-Can Johnny Gaudreau catch and or pass Jarome Iginla or Theo Fleury for career points with the Flames?


-Olympic Ice Hockey

-Jack Eichel getting set to debut

-Is Vegas cheating the system?

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