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Flames Mixing Up The Lines Today

Milan Lucic is getting a promotion!

Pittsburg Penguins v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

Run for cover! The sky is falling! There needs to be a trade now! Did I do it right internets?

The Flames fan base has been complaining about the lines and lack of another top six forward (because they're always available and cheap) and Blake Coleman and Tyler Toffoli, despite the team being 5-2-0 with wins over Edmonton, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Colorado and Vegas. You know, the weaker teams in the league. So, this should make most of you complainers happy, Darryl Sutter mixed the lines up at practice.

We here at M&G hope everyone is happy with the new lines. Yes, a few players have struggled at the start of the season, but there's a lot of new pieces on this roster and it's going to take time for it all to click. A preseaon where no one really plays together and a seven game regular season sample are certainly not enough to freak out over.

Time will tell if these lines will work or if Sutter will go back to what the Flames started the season with it things start slow against the Seattle Kraken on Tuesday night. Most importantly, the Flames will need a player who can go up and down through the lineup in case someone needs a potty break during the game.

So take this practice unit for what it's worth: it's a practice lineup and see where it goes. It's too early to panic ok? If the Flames we're 2-5-0, sure, freak out. But at 5-2-0, not a ton of lineup jelling and Jacob Markstrom being slightly off, things aren't that bad. Breathe everyone, breathe.