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The Morning After Florida: Former Flame Sets A Career High

Old pal Ryan Lomberg did the Flames in last night.

Calgary Flames v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Morning After

Calgary Flames 2 - Florida Panthers 6

NHL Standings - Recap


-Tough Guy Turned Goal Scorer: Remember Ryan Lomberg and all his truculence? Well, all the talk before the contest was about no Sam Bennett against the Flames. It should have been about Ryan Lomberg. The former Flame scored his third of the season, which is a career high for the Florida Panther.

-11 On The Road: Johnny Gaudreau scored one of the Flames two goals last night giving him a point in 11 straight road games.

-Just Offensive: The Panthers hung 6 on the Flames tonight and that’s been a theme for this group at home. During their current 4 game home/win streak they’ve scored more than four goals in every game for a total of 24 goals over those four games.


Post Game Reaction