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Jersey Ads Are On Their Way

We can hear the "get off my lawn" crowd starting to get cranky.

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

If you love the look of the retro's full time and you love the Reverse Retro Blasty jersey, wait until you see them with ads on them!

According to multiple sources across the Twitterverse, the NHL Board Of Governors approved the measure today.

The advertisement patches with be 3 x 3.5, just slightly bigger than the patches worn by NBA players on their jerseys.

This is something that has been rumoured to be coming to the league for a few years, but won't be implemented until the 2022-23 season. Players wore ads on their helmets last season, with the Flames sporting the Scotiabank logo on their home and away lids.

The NHL has had the jersey manufacturer's logo or name somewhere on their sweaters for a long time now, but this is the NHL's first attempt to actually place advertising patches/logos on the actual uniform. Special practice jerseys have had sponsor logos on them, but not the actual game uniform and this now makes the league the second professional sports league in North America to "embrace" jersey ads. MLB added the Nike logo to the right upper chest of all baseball jerseys to little fanfare, so it can only be imagined that this will not fly with hockey fans.

Overseas leagues have been doing this for ages, but those ads help the leagues and teams survive. And because it's something that is the norm, their jerseys don't look odd or out of place while being covered in advertisements or sponsor logos. Whether the NHL "needs" this is debatable as it's not as if the league is broke and teams are floundering.

What are your thoughts on the ads being placed on jerseys? Do you like it or did the traditionalist inside you just die a little ? Vote in our poll below!


Do you like the idea of ad patches being added to jerseys?

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    Yes. The league and teams need more money.
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  • 65%
    No. Get off my lawn and take your ad patches with you.
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    I don't care.
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