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Flames set to pick 12th overall in NHL Entry Draft

No surprises here!

2019 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7

It’s official! In what was a decidedly undramatic unveiling of the order of the picks for the NHL Entry Draft, we finally have our top-15 solidified.

The big news? The Buffalo Sabres were able to hold on to the first overall pick, while the Seattle Kraken moved up one spot from their expected third overall to second. The complete order is as follows:

1. Buffalo Sabres

2. Seattle Kraken

3. Anaheim Ducks

4. New Jersey Devils

5. Columbus Blue Jackets

6. Detroit Red Wings

7. San Jose Sharks

8. Los Angeles Kings

9. Vancouver Canucks

10. Ottawa Senators

11. Chicago Blackhawks

12.Calgary Flames

13. Philadelphia Flyers

14. Dallas Stars

15. New York Rangers

As was expected, the Flames nabbed the 12th overall pick in this year’s draft, which kicks off on July 23. And while this draft might not be quite as deep as some in recent memory (and it’s made even weirder by the fact that some prospect leagues were playing this year and others not, making scouting more difficult), there will still be some good and exciting players left on the board by the time it’s the Flames’ turn to pick.

That is, assuming they make their pick and don’t ship it out in some big shakeup trade for a roster player... right...?

Listen, it’s been a weird year, gang. Hoping for a little extra chaos never hurt anybody.