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HOTN: Rejuvinated Mony!

Sean Monahan looks like a different player under Darryl Sutter.

Montreal Canadiens v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

Highlight Of The Night

Calgary Flames 3 - Montreal Canadiens 1

Lots of Flames have looked better under Darryl Sutter, none more than Sean Monahan. The Flames centre scored two goals last night and has looked more engaged than he has during the entire 2021 season. Monahan’s first goal of the night was a work of art. The shot was nice. The puck protection was nice, but those weren’t what made it best. Monahan hustled in on a forecheck, stole the puck, created his own offence and fired home the first of two goals on the night. Hard work pays off and Sean Monahan’s grinding shift left him with a point and the HOTN! Oh, and it was the 200th goal of his career.