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Mark & Michael’s Musings, Ep.2: Flames & Sharks, Connor McDavid, Canucks/Flyers & NFL Chatter

We’re talking Flames, Connor McDavid, the Canucks free fall and some NFL/weather chatter.

Mark & Michael’s Musings Podcast

Mark & Michael once again have a lot on their minds and they want you to hear it. There’s some Flames talk, some NHL talk, some more Eagles and Dolphins and they talk wild or weird weather at sporting events.

Dig in and if you enjoy this podcast please find it on iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify under the Matchsticks and Gasoline heading. You can find past episodes of this podcast, The Tinderbox and Behind Enemy lines there as well.

Mark & Michael’s Musings, Ep 2: Hosted by Mark and Michael

-Flames and Sharks preview

-Dan Vladar

-Connor McDavid hit ejection worthy?

-The Canucks and Flyers are a hot mess

-Vegas flu?


-Philadelphia Eagles & Miami Dolphins chatter

-How are the Patriots still good?

-Weird game day weather you’ve experienced or watched