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Behind Enemy Lines, Ep.1: Chatting Flames & Bruins

Stanley Cup Of Chowder was kind enough to join us and talk about the Bruins prior to Sunday’s contest.

Behind Enemy Lines

We’re trying something new here at M&G and it’s a new podcast that highlights a Flames opponent prior to their contest. This is just another way for you to get more content and more info on the Flames opponents this season.

Our first is with Skylar (@SkyonAir_) from Stanley Cup Of Chowder, the Boston Bruins site for SBN. He was kind enough to hop and discuss the Bruins up and down start, what their goaltending situation looks like, what the pulse of the fanbase in Boston is like and a little Jarome Iginla talk to round it out. Give it a listen! As with all M&G podcasts you can find us on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast.