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Rumour: According To ESPN It’s A Two Horse Race For Jack Eichel & The Flames Are One Horse...And It’s THIS CLOSE

Buckle up gang.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well, if that game between the Flames and Predators wasn’t enough, ESPN just dropped a BOMB(ish) in regards to the Jack Eichel saga. According to ESPN’s Emily Kaplan the final two teams in the Eichel Sweepstakes are the Calgary Flames and Vegas Golden Knights. Now this is nothing new, but Kaplan says she’s heard from sources that the trade is at the “one yard line” and those are the two teams fighting for Jack Eichel.

Jack Eichel is surely a prized possession, but whatever team gets him won’t have his services for a while this season. Eichel is currently sidelined with a significant neck injury and he wants to have surgery. Eichel’s camp and Buffalo are not on the same page with which surgery the player should have and the Sabres are reported to be doing everything they can to trade the star centre, but no one has met their price yet. What is that price? No one currently knows outside of Buffalo, Calgary and Vegas, but it is sure to be significant. Emily Kaplan also reported that Eichel’s neck injury is not a major concern for either team attempting to trade for him. She’s also reporting the surgery Eichel wants (Artificial Disc Replacement) will continue to sideline him for 6 weeks after having the procedure before he can hit the ice and close to 3 months until he can actually play.

We will keep an eye on this story as it sounds like one of the game’s most exciting and talented players could be on the move and the Calgary Flames have a 50/50 shot of being the franchise that gets him. Stay tuned!!!!