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The Tinderbox, Ep. 62: Our Take On The Chicago Blackhawks Situation & Aftermath, Plus Some Flames Talk

What happened in Chicago was absolutely appalling and we decided it was time to discuss it.

The Tinderbox Podcast

For the bulk of this episode of the Tinderbox Mark and Michael sit down and discuss what happened within the Chicago Blackhawks organization with Kyle Beach during the 2010 NHL Playoffs. We don’t delve into the actual details of the assault in the case, so this is still a family appropriate episode. We do have strong opinions on the case and we stand with Kyle Beach and support how brave and courageous he is in the face of what the Blackhawks chose NOT to do while he was a member of the organization.

Episode 61: Hosted by Mark and Michael

-Kyle Beach and the Chicago Blackhawks


-The Flames 5 game road trip success

-Jacob Markstrom is amazing

-The surprise Calgary defence

-Sutter Hockey works

-Upcoming homestand