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HOTN: Jacob Markstrom Is REALLY Good With That Paddle!

For the second time on the five game road trip Markstrom did what was seemingly impossible.

Calgary Flames v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Highlight Of The Night

Calgary Flames 4 - Pittsburgh Penguins 0

For the second time on this road trip Jacob Markstrom has secured himself the HOTN. And for the second time on this road trip he’s done it with his stick.....the exact same way. In the Flames 4-0 victory Markstrom was clearly the best Flames player on the ice. He kept the Flames 1-0 lead safe while Calgary fumbled around for a good chunk of the first and second periods. He would stop all 45 shots that came his way to earn his second shut out of the trip, but none were as spectacular as this save that kept the Flames ahead. Check it out!