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The Tinderbox, EP. 61: The Flames Are Winning! (And Some Other Stuff)

We’re breaking down the Flames road trip success and more on this episode of The Tinderbox.

The Tinderbox

It’s time for another episode of Matchsticks & Gasoline’s The Tinderbox! The Flames have been crushing it on their current 4 game road trip so we’ve got lots to talk about in regards to that and we will address what it going on with the Chicago Blackhawks in this episode as well. As always you can download our podcasts on Spotify, Google Podcast and iTunes.

Episode 61: Hosted by Mark, Michael and Maddie

-The Flames road trip

-Andrew Mangiapane play and contract

-Oliver Kylington and the defence

-Sean Monahan, is this just what he is?


-Is Sutter hockey actually fun?

-Upcoming schedule and what to expect

-The situation in Chicago