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Highlight Of The Night: Oh, It’s Just Mikael Backlund Again...With Andrew Mangiapane

Mikael Backlund provided more highlight reel material, including a beautiful feed to Andrew Mangiapane.

Calgary Flames v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Sure, Andrew Mangiapane ended up with the goal on the play, but what about Mikael Backlund’s zone entry that set it all up. With the game tied late in the third, Mikael Backlund entered the Nashville zone and literally skated through the Preds like it was a video game. He dished the puck off to Andrew Mangiapane who hammered home his 16th of the season and the Flames grabbed a 3-2 lead and held on to.....never mind. Let’s just pretend the game ended on Backlund and Mangiapane’s wizardry.