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Flames Top 25 Under 25: #24 - Luke Philp

The underdog center from Canmore finds some love from the fans and moves up in this years rankings.

Calgary Flames headshots Photo by Brad Watson/NHLI via Getty Images

#24 - Luke Philp

Position: Center

Age: 24

Team: Stockton Heat (AHL)

Signed March 2019

Last Year Ranking: #26

Philp Votes

  • MGMacGillivray: #21
  • Flashalytics: N/A
  • MarkParkinson14: #13
  • MadelineCampbell: HM
  • Gordie.Taylor: N/A
  • Readers: #19

Luke Philp, the undrafted product of the University of Alberta Golden Bears, finds himself moving up in our rankings two spots from last year. The 24 year old native of Canmore, AB was able to post a strong rookie AHL campaign that saw him score 19 goals and tally up 12 assists for 31 points in 52 games.

Brought in as older prospect depth, Philp’s road to the NHL may never be closed. Currently the organization may value others such as Emilio Pettersson or Ruzicka ahead of him, but someone with a strong a work ethic as Philp will always push the boundaries as far as he can. Going undrafted in 2014 to having an NHL contract was a large first step, and i wouldn’t believe he’s content with that being “good enough”

As we can see leading up to his draft year Philp saw a spike in junior production, but then completely stalled out. When his second year of eligibility came about he hadn’t shown any growth or improvement in his offensive production, thus he started to largely go unnoticed. It was his growth while at the UofA that led to a junior season running with over 2 points per game that got him on the radar for a few NHL teams, and that’s when the local boy chose Calgary.

While never saying never on prospects until it’s almost a guarantee they wont make it, Philp’s chances aren’t as high as others. His raw talents trail other in this regard, but his work ethic & hard accurate shot make up some ground. As long as he keeps the grind up there’s no reason he wouldn’t be able to hardnose his way into an NHL game.

2 Goals for 2020-21

  1. Improve on his AHL goal production. Last year Philp scored at a 0.36 goals per game pace. His shot being his best tool, being able to get that up about .45 goals a game would get him serious consideration for a call-up
  2. Stay Healthy. Philp doesn’t have a serious history of injury concerns, but at his age a long injury would almost essentially end his bid for a drive to the NHL. Competing with Matthew Phillips, Adam Ruzicka, and Matthias Emilio Petterson if Luke Philp is gonna grind to make it he needs to stay out of the infirmary.


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