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Adidas & NHL Release 2020 ASG Jerseys

And they're terrible.

The NHL and Adidas released their 2020 NHL All Star Game jerseys this afternoon and they are, well, horrible.

Adidas has had the NHL ASG uniform contract since 2017 and their choices for the All Star Game have been met with a luke warm reception at best. The uniform manufacturer has used a monochromatic theme and this year is no different

Each division will wear either a white jersey with grey horizontal stripes, mimicking sheet music to honor St. Louis and the Blues or a black version with the same design. Either way it's pretty lame and boring. The crests are two tone with one color being white and the other a very bright version of a team's main color. Bizarre.

Anyway, let's start lobbying the NHL and Adidas to do the right thing and just bring these back:

1989 40th NHL All-Star Game: Wales Conference v Campbell Conference

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