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Staff Predictions: Calgary Flames @ Chicago Blackhawks

Will we do better at predicting this game?

Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames @ Chicago Blackhawks, 6:30 PM MT


Favorite: Calgary Line: -130 O/U: 6.5

Calgary @ Chicago Blackhawks: 35-46-13

Calgary vs Chicago Blackhawks Overall: 81-85-26

Calgary Flames vs Chicago Blackhawks 2019-20: 0-1-0

12/31: Calgary Flames 3 vs Chicago Blackhawks 5

Calgary Last 10: 4-5-1

Chicago Blackhawks: 7-3-0


Mark: Calgary Flames 4 - Chicago Blackhawks 2

I was WAY off in my NYE prediction, but with the way Calgary has played recently in Chicago (4-1-0) I’m comfortable taking the Flames in this one.

Safe Prediction: Johnny Gaudreau gets a point.

Bold Prediction: Mark Giordano scores in back to back games.

Flash: Calgary Flames 5 - Chicago Blackhawks 3

The Hawks are without super goalie Robin Lehner, Flames are countering with Talbot. Should be some goals scored, but the Flames are feelin it lately and I think they can pull through in this one. Maybe we can get a PP goal or two.

Maddie- Calgary Flames 3 - Chicago Blackhawks 1

I know I said this last time and it REALLY didn’t work out, but the Blackhawks are not very good and the Flames should be able to beat them. I really mean it this time. They played an okay game in Minnesota and rallied back to not embarrass themselves in front of their dads, and I’m hoping they can continue to not embarrass themselves tonight. The power of shame everybody!