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Staff Predictions: Calgary Flames @ Minnesota Wild

Who’s up for some boring hockey?

Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames @ Minnesota Wild, 5:00 PM MT


Favorite: Calgary Line: -115 O/U: 6.0

Calgary @ Minnesota Wild: 22-24-1

Calgary vs Minnesota Wild Overall: 49-40-4

Calgary Flames vs Minnesota Wild 2019-20: 0-1-0

12/23: Calgary Flames 0 @ Minnesota Wild 3

Calgary Last 10: 4-5-1

Minnesota Wild: 5-5-0


Mark: Calgary Flames 1 - Minnesota Wild 2

Zzzzzzzzzzzz.....sorry. Another snoozer awaits as the Flames head to Minnesota. Call me crazy, but I see another uninspiring loss. The Flames continue their “win one, lose one” pattern with a loss in Minnesota.

Safe Prediciton: The Flames lose.

Bold Prediciton: Mark Giordano hits the net....doesn’t score, but gets the puck actually on net.

Flash: Calgary Flames 2 - Minnesota Wild 4

First off, RIP the original 3M line, I’ll miss you dearly. Secondly, I just watched Minny play live against the Jets and they looked real sharp as a unit. Flames have been drifting and I think they’re in trouble, I hope not because Vancouver is catchable, but they need to pick it up sooner than later. The new Geoff Ward honeymoon window is starting to wear off on me.

Maddie: Calgary Flames 2 - Minnesota Wild 1 (OT)

Like Mark, I’m predicting this one is going to be a low scoring affair. The Flames do tend to have a bit of trouble against the Wild, so I’m not feeling super good about this prediction. But, that said, I’m hoping they can stay in the mix enough to pull off an overtime win and not embarrass themselves in front of their dads.