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Calgary Flames Heritage Classic Jersey Reveal: Retro White It Is

The Flames are going back to the glory days with their 2019 Tim Hortons Heritage Classic jerseys.

2019 Heritage Classic Coverage

The Flames and Adidas revealed their kit for the 2019 Heritage Classic and as was predicted by Twitter two days ago, Calgary is going Retro White. This announcement isn’t exactly surprising as the Flames have been pushing towards going retro full time for a few seasons now. As the Flames say the look is “clean” and one of the best looking jerseys they’ve ever worn. While this writer was hoping for something a little more flashy or “special,” this look is absolutely perfect. Adidas and Calgary nailed this set and to be honest I was fearing that the Flames would be wearing something that was either all red or all black with a one color trim, much like the Flyers and Penguins did. Thankfully we all are spared from seeing that look on our favorite team.