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Breaking: Calgary City Council Approves Arena/Event Centre Deal

The Dome’s replacement is coming!

Energy Boom Continues in Calgary Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Following a long period of questioning and debate today but a rather short week of public consultation and engagement, Calgary City Council has voted to approve the deal between CSEC, the Stampede, and the City of Calgary for the new Event Centre in Victoria Park. The Yes side prevailed over the No side by an 11-4 margin.

The $550M event centre will have its costs split 50/50 between CSEC and the City.

According to the document distributed last week, construction would be projected to start in 2021 and finish in 2024. This will give the Saddledome at least five more years before being demolished.

Calgary will have its new arena after years of negotiations and the drama that came along with it. The map below outlines the proposed land arrangement moving forward.

Are you happy with the deal? Have your say in the poll below and on our various comment platforms.


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