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2018-19 Player Report Card: Garnet Hathaway

Hathaway is a polarizing player for sure, but you can’t argue with his results from last season.

Calgary Flames v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Garnet Hathaway: Forward

Regular Season: 76 GP, 11 G, 8 A, 19 Pts, 56 PIM, +14, -4.7 CFRel%

Playoffs: 5 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pts, 14 PIM

Individual Grades

MarkParkinson14 = (B+) If you’ve been with us for any amount of time you know I drive the bus for the Garnet Hathaway Fan Club and this year was no exception. Hathaway turned himself into a dependable penalty killer, giving the Flames a solid second unit PK that most of us probably didn’t see coming. Is he Sidney Crosby with the puck on his stick? No. If you expect him to be (and some of you do), you are missing the point of his role on this team. He’s a perfect fit for the Flames 4th line, he provides just enough offense to make him effective and his ability to help kill penalties has become an asset for the Flames. He’s also learned when and where to pick his battles when it comes to sitting in the box, which clearly angers some of you. Garnet Hathaway has gone from a guy who takes penalties, to a guy who kills them. Get over the fact that he doesn’t have the softest hands and no longer looks to goon it up. He’s a better player for having developed, setting career highs in games played, goals, points, +/-, GWG, shots and blocked shots.

Madeline Campbell = (B) All in all, I really don’t have any complaints about Hathaway’s season. The “well, I sure wish he’d have scored more points” argument doesn’t really hold because, well, that’s not really his game. We have to shift our expectations a little bit. He’s a depth, energy guy, and in that role this season I thought he was successful. And then the bits about him setting new highs in goals and points are sort of bonus nice pieces. We like that too. He was, if nothing else, pretty consistent on the season, and it’s hard to be too fussed about that.

MGMacGillivray = (B) Hathaway is fine at what he does as Mark mentioned above. I think he’s fine and fits the Flames fourth line well as not every guy is going to be a great possession driver or scorer. My only concern is that he may have priced himself out of Calgary as a pending free agent this summer. Calgary can’t afford to overpay a fourth line guy so he may find himself out the door.