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2018-19 Player Report Card: Sean Monahan

Stats wise this was a fabulous season for Monahan, but in the end something was missing.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Monahan: Centre

Regular Season: 78 GP, 34 G, 38 A, 72 Pts, 12 PIM, +7, 0.1 CFRel%

Playoffs: 5 GP, 1 G, 1 A, 2 Pts, 0 PIM

Individual Grades

MarkParkinson14= (B+) Monahan absolutely obliterated his points and assist totals from prior seasons in 2018-19 and set a new career high in goals with 34. For a good chunk of the season he was a beast in the slot and should have been an NHL All Star. So why is he not an “A?” Well, he disappeared from mid February to the start of Arpil. From February 16 to April 1 Monahan scored 5 goals, that’s a stretch of 20 games that he struggled to find the back of the net. His playoff performance mirrored that of his teammates as well, as he had his lone goal of the series in Game 2. Does this mean Mony is trash? Far from it. Monahan has played through numerous injuries in the past and put the Flames before his own health, though despite some reports that wasn’t an issue this season. Parts (the not so smart ones) of the Flames fan base are putting it out there that Monahan should be moved if the Flames could find a partner. That’s just nonsense. Could Monahan be better, or say, more consistent over an 82 game schedule? Sure. Is it time to trade the Flames top centre? NO. Not even close.

Madeline Campbell = (A-) I guess my first thought here, when it comes to Monahan, is “how upset can I really get at a guy who scored at almost a point per game pace this season.” That top line was stellar for just about the whole of the season, and Monahan was a key piece in making that so. He took a big step forward, personally, and the team as a whole was better for it.

But the piece, as Mark alluded to, keeping him from regular A territory was consistency. The big players all kind of slowed down a bit down the stretch, and for Monahan we do understand that health was a contributing factor for that. We did want more from him down the stretch, but when you look at the whole body of work for the season, it’s hard to be too upset with it.