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NHL Mock Draft 2019: With The 26th Pick, M&G Selects.......

No one.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

NHL Mock Draft 2019

Each year we here at SB Nation Hockey assemble the best minds in the blog business to put together a mock draft based on what we think the respective teams we cover need in the draft.

This year Matchsticks and Gasoline had the 26th pick in the draft and we looked at prospects, even posted a piece about five players the Flames should be looking at. We took everything into consideration.........and traded the pick. Broadstreet Hockey came calling with an offer of two picks (#41 & #72) and we accepted.

Depth is always good to have and two later picks, as opposed to a late first rounder seemed like a good idea to us. Plus, the Flames did so well in the playoffs, we really didn’t think they needed a huge upgrade (sarcasm folks, sarcasm).

Will the real Flames consider trading out of that spot on draft day? Who knows. We will be on top of all the Flames draft coverage as it approaches and on the day of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Calgary was wheeling and dealing last season and it worked, so maybe that’s something they will look into again. But for now, the staff at M&G was comfortable sending pick #26 to the Flyers for two mid-round picks. That’s probably why we aren’t in charge of any kind of decision making anywhere.