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2018-19 Player Report Card: Mark Giordano

The Captain had a pretty OK season.

St Louis Blues v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Mark Giordano: Defence

Regular Season: 78 GP, 17 G, 57 A, 74 Pts, 69 PIM, +39, 5.0 CFRel%

Playoffs: 5 GP, 0 G, 2 A, 2 Pts, 0 PIM

Individual Grades

MarkParkinson14= (A+) Anything less than an A+ would be an insult to the Flames Captain. Giordano had the season of his life, setting career highs in points (74), assists (57), +/- (39) and short handed goals (4). He was also the consummate leader for this team, something that he has been dogged by occasionally in the past. He held his team to a very high standard and played to that same standard as well. Giordano is up for a few post season awards and with the season he had (at age 35 mind you) he should have a great chance of bringing home some hardware.

MGMacGillivray = (A+) GiordaNorris. That is all.

Madeline Campbell = (A+) So I see that we all seem to be in agreement on this one. It would be hard not to be after the season Giordano had—in short, he was stellar. And that’s not just “stellar for a 35 year old, I guess,” he was objectively fantastic. The goals and points were there. He was driving play well. And neither of these things came at the expense of the defensive side of his game. It’s hard to find something really really major to complain about in his game. It was all pretty complete. If he doesn’t go home with the Norris, it will be a great injustice. This is my objective opinion.