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Your Grades Needed! Flames Regular Season Report Cards: Part 1

A long 82 game trek finished on Saturday

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames have finally finished the 2018-19 regular season with Saturday’s night’s 3-1 loss against Edmonton. The Flames ended the regular season with a record of 50-25-7 and had long clinched first place in both the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. It’s worth noting that the Flames were 38-16-7 at the last round of report cards, meaning they went 12-9-0 in the final 21 games.

It’s time for our final in-season round of report cards (link at the bottom), and these ones will also be completely fan driven grades. Submit your grades, and then we will show the final regular season grades on Wednesday. I’ll be closing the survey on Tuesday. As with past report cards, any players who played less than 8 games in this stretch were omitted from grading.

The grading system is a simple A to F scale, and please make sure to share this article as much as possible so we can maximize it’s reach to Flames fans and get the most accurate grades. When we did the 1⁄4, 1⁄2, and 34 report cards, we got a great response rate so your assistance would be appreciated.

Remember these grades are to be done as a cumulative for the entire season, not just the last 21 games. Click the link below to start voting!