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Statistical Summarization - CGY v BUF

Here’s a breakdown of who good statistical showings and who didn’t from Calgary’s 4-3 victory over Buffalo Thursday night.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Calgary Flames Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Corsi King -- Rasmus Andersson 76.00% CF% (CorsiFenwick Percentage) @ 5v5. He had a corsi for of 19 and a corsi against of 6. It’s also worth noting that directly behind him in all these categories he leads in is Oliver Kylington, his partner. Real good game from our “third” D-pair.

Corsi Clown -- Travis Hamonic 41.46% CF% @ 5v5. Rough game for Hammer in terms of driving play, but he did help keep the puck out of our net for 55 minutes (We won’t discuss the last 5)

Scoring Chance Leader - Michael Frolik was clocked with 4 scoring chances tonight for the lead, 2 of which were considered high danger chances. Unfortunately he didn’t score, damn.

Game Flow —


As you can see the Flames played a very dominant game, hardly giving Buffalo any room to breathe. Very surprising seeing as they took 8 penalties to the Sabres 2. Buffalo tried to grab momentum back late, but the Flames escaped with a win.

Game Score — Rasmus Andersson 2.85. He had the best all around game in creating chances and playing good defence. Hats off to Raz for a game well played. (Game score created by @DomLuszczyszyn and compiled by @cepvi0 at

Bonus Stat* - Former Oiler goals - 2. Milan Lucic and Toby Reider, thank you.

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