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Staff Predictions: Calgary Flames vs Buffalo Sabres

Do we ALL think the Flames are getting that rare third straight win tonight?

Staff Predictions

Calgary Flames vs Buffalo Sabres, 7 PM MT

Preview - Lines

Favorite: Calgary Line: -175 O/U: 5.5

Calgary vs Buffalo at home: 24-20-11

Calgary vs Buffalo Overall: 41-53-16

Calgary vs Buffalo 2019-20: Calgary Flames 3 - Buffalo Sabes 2 (OTW)

Calgary Last 10: 3-5-2


Mark: Calgary Flames 5 - Buffalo Sabres 2

Why not? So what if these two like to play extra hockey and don’t score a lot of goals? I say that changes tonight and the Flames finally get their first three game winning streak two months into the season.

Maddie: Calgary Flames 4 - Buffalo Sabres 3

We’ve got two pretty well rested teams here, so I’m expecting that they’ll be skating pretty well and able to get themselves going offensively. I’m both cautiously optimistic about the new lines for the Flames and still a bit skeptical of the Sabres in general (Eichel, Skinner, and Reinhart, don’t read this), so I think the Flames can pull off a win here.

Renu: Calgary 5 - Buffalo Sabres 4 (OT)

W3 coming up for the Flames. Last game vs. Sabres went into OT too. I expect a fast-paced game and lots of goals with the lineup juggling. I’m wearing my hat trick hoodie to the game tonight so I except one of the Flames to get the 3G. It’ll probably be Tkachuk, but I'll take any goals from team red. Let’s go!

Michael: Calgary Flames 7 - Buffalo Sabres 4

I might be going a little too out there, but I see an offensive explosion coming tonight for the Flames with their new lines. I think every forward line accounts for at least one goal, and the PP has a big night as well.