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The Tinderbox Ep. 15: Flames/Canes, The Streak and Best & Worst Of The Holidays

It’s a mixed variety on today’s episode of The Tinderbox!

The Tinderbox

This season we will be debuting the new look/sounding Tinderbox as part of SBN’s Podcast Nation. We will cover a variety of topics throughout the season and have different guests from our SBN Family when the Flames are playing a team in their respective areas. So pull up a chair by the fire place, put on your best robe and kick back and relax to the sounds of the Tinderbox! Don’t forget you can download this podcast at Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

Episode 15: Hosted by Mark & Maddie

-Recap of the Flames and Hurricanes

-Flames top players are producing

-Look ahead to the final four games before the Christmas Break

-Favorite Holiday treat

-Fav/Least favorite Christmas Song

-Fav Holiday movie

-Maddie talks about Oskar Lindblom