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Statistical Summarization - CGY @ COL

Who had a good/bad game statistically in ways you don’t see on your typical boxscore? We find that out right here.

Calgary Flames v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

This game will be remembered for a gutsy Flames victory, but it was not a game they should have won. I’ll gladly take it though, as it pushed the Flames ahead of the Golden Knights and into 3rd place in the Pacific division. Still, the numbers from tonight will surprise most people when looking at the stat sheet as points aren’t the only measure of success.

Corsi King - Petition to rename this the Rasmus Andersson section has officially started, again being the best defender on the Flames in all situations with a CF of 21 and a CA of 8 (72.41%). The Swedish Dman put in another solid, and consistent performance. The leader amongst F’s? Why that was none other than Milan Lucic, who had a CF% of 62.50 tonight.

Corsi Clown - Well he certainly got back into the lineup, and hell he even got a point, but that does not mean Mark Jankowski put up a good show. Buried in his own end with a CF of only 6 and a CA of 21 (22.22%). I’ll focus on the positives, like a secondary assist in the 32nd game of the season, as a building point, maybe. On the back end the D that got ate up tonight was TJ Brodie putting up a 26.19 CF% in all situations.

Taken By Chance - The Scoring chance leader tonight, from the back end, was Noah Hanifin. Noah put 15 chances towards the net, 3 ahead of second place, Mikael Backlund. The relative chance leader was Rasmus Andersson, he put 11 chances up and only faced 3 real ones against.

xGF% - Rasmus, Rasmus, Rasmus. How many times can I mention his name. Holy the more I dig into the numbers after these games, the more valuable I realise he is, and hell I even wrote an article to quiet down Toronto trade rumours on him. The F tonight that had the best xGF% was *checks notes* … *double checks notes* … Milan Lucic. 78.66 of an xGF% for Looch, good game big guy, good game. (Raz had 83.89%)

Tonights bottom dwellers were TJ Brodie (23.68%) and Dillon Dube (29.19%).

Game Flow -

Game Flow in all situations from

The Flames really got outworked by the speed of the Colorado Avalanche, but made the most of their chances they did have, which means their PDO might finally be regressing in a positive direction. Calgary had been the unluckiest team in the league, shooting wise, to start the year so it was only a matter of time before they started getting goals in games even though they’d not played very well in them.

Calgary was very lucky to get 2 points tonight, and I thank positive regression for that.

Game Score - Tonights Game Score leader from the Flames is Michael Frolik. From worst last game to tops this game, it’s a good thing to see. Fro’s having a rough contract year here in Calgary so seeing some positives from him is a welcome sight. (Score: 1.96). Honourable Mention goes to Derek Ryan (1.38) and Matthew Tkachuk (1.34)

Bottom of the heap tonight was TJ Brodie who accumulated a score of -1.91. A low xGF and a high xGA combined with no points and 20+ mins in TOI will do that to a guy. Rough game, but we got the 2 points! Next lowest skater was Mikael Backlund at -0.69 (Game Score compiles from, created by @DomLuszczysyn, compiled by @cepvi0)

(All numbers compiled from