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Milan Lucic Will Be Meeting With The NHL Today

Milan Lucic, um, “defended” his goalie last night and now has to meet with the NHL’s Disciplinary Committee for his efforts.

Calgary Flames v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

Sportsnet is reporting that Flames tough guy Milan Lucic will have a meeting with the NHL’s Disciplinary Committee for his dust up with Columbus rookie Kole Sherwood last night in Calgary’s 3-0 win at Columbus.

After David Rittich made a save last night Sherwood took a poke at Rittich trying to get the puck and Lucic to exception to that. The Flames forward then skated right towards Sherwood and straight up punched him in the face. Sherwood, smartly, didn’t seem to have any intention of mixing it up with Lucic, but as Looch has shown this season he has ZERO tolerance for people messing with his own players. Was it warranted? Eh. Calgary has always had a problem in the past with being soft and Milan Lucic has certainly corrected that reputation, but the Flames need to be careful to not get a reputation that goes the other way. Like it or not the league has been put on notice: you won’t be pushing the Flames around this year. Best guess? Lucic probably gets a game.

If you haven’t seen the play in question, here it is: