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Brad Treliving Needs No Saviours.

7th time is a charm. Flames stick together through thick and thin.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames
The GM is the backbone of the team, and Treliving is doubling down supporting his troops.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Class act by Brad Treliving not throwing any names under the bus during his presser after a closed door team meeting, led by the team captain Mark Giordano took place following the Calgary Flames sixth straight loss.

Treliving was quick to dispel any trade rumours and fans cries to fire Peters during the Flames seemingly impending doom. The GM has his core team and even though they are underperforming immensely he still believes in them to turn things around before their season is numerically over.

Bill Peters also put emphasis on trusting and believing in his team. Not much else you can do at this time in the season. Here’s to hoping that the Flames goal scorers can start putting pucks in the net again.

The overall theme was of supporting one another, and playing for each other. Although Tkachuk made a point about having a “positive mindset”, the Flames are going to need a hell of a lot more than that to win games. Perhaps the overnight stay in St.Louis was a sign for the Flames to dwell in their misery a little bit longer. Learn from their mistakes. Get a fresh start in the morning enroute to Philly. Skip the afternoon nap, let’s hope the Flames have a ton more energy in today’s afternoon game at 1pm ET versus the Philadelphia Flyers.

TJ Brodie is with the team in Philadelphia now, but it looks like Zac Rinaldo will still be in the line up against his old team. I think David Rittich said it best, “Don’t do stupid things on the ice. No turnovers”.