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Here’s where you can find all the new Flames Heritage Classic merch!

Love those jerseys the Flames rocked Saturday? Here’s the rundown of all the new stuff that dropped for the game.

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The Flames threw back the clock this past weekend to the 1980’s with their uniforms for the Heritage Classic. And while the result on the scoreboard wasn’t exactly what Flames fans had hoped for, the team looked AMAZING! Calgary’s retro white, combined with the snow falling under the lights was quite the sight.

While we all hope these (and the retro red) become Calgary’s official home/away uniforms for next season, there’s still time to get merchandise from the Heritage Classic. From jerseys to hoodies to toques Fanatics has you covered! Click the link below to check out all of the Heritage Classic merch you may have seen or missed out on! You could look just the like Flames did on Saturday night while they played under the lights in Regina against the Winnipeg Jets by rocking a sweet jersey or hat!

Check out all the Heritage Classic merch that dropped for Saturday’s game

Johnny Gaudreau Heritage Classic Jersey for $180