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The Morning After Florida: David Rittich Is A Shoot Out King

While Rittich is winning in SO’s, Sergei Bobrovsky must be tired of seeing the Flames.

Florida Panthers v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

The Morning After

Calgary Flames 6 - Florida Panthers 5 (SO)

Recap - NHL Standings


-David Rittich, Shoot Out Master: Well, in his last two. After dropping his first four shoot out appearances, Rittich has won two straight in the gimmick session.

-Tkachuk Tkaslump Tkaover: Matthew Tkachuk, much like the rest of the Flames top snipers had been struggling. He broke free from that slump with a two goal effort last night and had one in the shoot out. Prior to that he had gone 8 straight without lighting the lamp.

-Sergei Bobrovsky Hates The Flames: Let’s clarify, hates PLAYING against the Flames. Last night he surrendered five goals on 24 shots. Combine that with his prior two starts against Calgary and he’s given up 16 goals in three games (8 of those came in a 9-8 loss to Calgary last year).


Post Game Reaction