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The Morning After Anaheim: Milestone Milan

Milan Lucic and another Flames player reached new career milestones.

Calgary Flames v Anaheim Ducks Photo by John Cordes/NHLI via Getty Images

The Morning After

Calgary Flames 2 - Anaheim Ducks 1

Recap - RTF - NHL Standings


-900 Club: Last night Milan Lucic reached a new career milestone. He laced them up for the 900th time in his career Sunday night against the Ducks.

-100 Club: Speaking of career milestones, Rasmus Andersson appeared in his 100th career game in the NHL.

-Getting Better?: The Flames win in Anaheim last night was the third time they’ve won in Anaheim in their last five tries, which isn’t bad at all. Especially when you compare it to the 27 straight losses they had prior to these five game in Anaheim.


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