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No Suspension For Darren Helm

The Flames haven't offered any updates on Lindholm's condition.

NHL: OCT 17 Red Wings at Flames Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Darren Helm and Elias Lindholm had an interesting third period and their exchange after a face-off was the tipping point for both. Lindholm appeared to elbow Helm, who retaliated by taking the opportunity to cheap shot the Flames centre with a vicious slash to the back of the leg.

Lindholm would leave the game and not return, Helm would also leave the game and not return. However, Darren Helm was tossed from the game for his slash and received a game misconduct for his efforts. Lindholm would be assessed a two minute penalty for elbowing for his part in the mess.

Today the NHL reviewed everything and decided not to suspend Helm. He was fined $5000, but the NHL felt his slash did not warrant a suspension.

The Flames haven't offered any update on Lindholm's injury or availability for Saturday's contest with the Kings.