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M&G SuperBowl LIII Picks: Who’s backing Johnny and the Eagles?

NFL Playoff schedule and Wild Card Scores

Johnny Gaudreau is on fire, starting 2019 off with a NHL points leader streak. The east coast prodigy who went in the 4th round (2011) to the Calgary Flames is exceeding expectations. With 67 points for #13 so far this season, the flames top line + Matthew Tkachuk are making headlines for most combined points by a NHL line/team.

The purple gatorade might be a placebo, but they might as well roll with it. You better believe lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan Johnny has his money on the Superbowl gatorade colour to be purple.

As Flames fans, we just want Johnny to be happy. Here are our individual picks:

Saturday Games: Colts vs. Chiefs (4:35ET) Cowboys vs. Rams (8:15ET)

Renu @RaeSahota: Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) is 1-1 after signing an endorsement with Hunt’s Ketchup, and I can’t go against Joe Montana’s pick. Andrew Luck is a drill sergeant and i don’t see him and Marlon Mack (RB) letting down easy .. I favor the Colts, but i think the Chiefs will take this one. I bet a tie game (within 3 points).

I picked Ezekiel Elliott in my NFL Fantasy pool over Todd Gurley, and I really want to see Dak Prescott get another touch down so i can blast Post Malone ‘Wow’ song. I pick a tie game, because if Goff does another ‘Halle Berry’ play call it’s over for the Dallas Cowboys.

MarkParkinson14: It's hard to argue with what the Chiefs have done this season and the QB play they've received from Mahomes is redonk. I also think what Andrew Luck has done with the Colts is nothing short of remarkable. What it comes down to for me is: who has the better chance of beating New England? Chiefs.

Rams and Cowboys? Does anyone REALLY like the Cowboys? I'll take the Rams.

MGMacGillivray: Well people seem to be forgetting that Playoffs Andy Reid exists and the Chiefs haven’t looked the same since the Kareem Hunt “incident”. Andrew Luck and Frank Reich have gotten it done this year after a 1-5 start, and that continues by shocking the Chiefs in KC, 30-21.

In terms of Los Angeles vs Dallas, I’m going to give the edge to the Rams to finally get everything clicking to down Dallas. 35-17 LA.

Sunday Games: Chargers vs. Patriots (1:05ET) Eagles vs. Saints (8:15ET)

Renu @RaeSahota: I want to see Melvin Gordon prove his Uber driver wrong again. He missed some play time last game due to knee issues, so lets hope he’s okay to run against the Patriots. Tom Brady to Gronk might still be a thing, but i’m betting on Rivers to Allen all game long. Chargers W.

Going against this stat:

The Patriots have gone 8-3 against the Chargers (including 2-0 in the playoffs) since Bill Belichick became head coach.

The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be a huge favourite for all things Calgary Flames, so there’s no way i am betting against them. Drew Brees who. It’s too bad that Ajayi (RB) played like two games, Smallwood (RB) carrying right now, Sproles (RB) injury prone. Foles (QB) taking over Wentz (QB). I want Johnny hockey and the Flames to keep smiling and stay winning. Eagles W.

MarkParkinson14: Chargers. I know they won't win, but I hate the Patriots and their fanbase (yes I live here and EVERYONE I know/family is a Pats fan) with every fiber of my being.

As for the Eagles and the Saints, this might be the best match up of the weekend. It's hard to argue with what Nick Foles has done in relief over the last 2 seasons, but damn if Drew Brees isn't commanding an insane offense. Sorry Michael MacGillivray, you won last year....and it makes Nick Foles that much cheaper for the Dolphins to go after if he's one and done this year haha. I'll take the Saints over the most overrated cheese steaks on the planet. Yeah, I said it, fight me.

MGMacGillivray: It seems crazy to bet against the Pats at Gilette, but the Chargers have a heck of a good football team. They’ll take it 38-31.

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! I’m a die hard Eagles fan but even I know the odds are stacked against the Eagles in New Orleans. And I will fight you Mark. My heart says the Eagles will pull it out, so screw it, Philly wins 28-24, Nick Foles does it again.