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The Morning After LA

The Flames say “Buh Bye” to the playoffs.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Los Angeles Kings Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the rest of the best that wasn’t covered in the Recap or Rate The Flames from Calgary’s 3-0 loss to the LA Kings.

No Playoffs For You!

With their loss to LA the Flames were officially eliminated from playoff contention. This will make it 7 seasons in the last 9 that the Flames will be watching hockey come playoff time as opposed to playing hockey.

Shutout Once Again

The Flames produced a goose egg for the 3rd time in 8 days. It was also the 8th time they’ve been shutout on the season. In their defence, did you see the lineup they put out there tonight?

Bennett Goes Toe To Toe With LA

LA scored 3 times, Bennett went to the box 3 times. His 3 trips to the bin give him 53 PIM on the season, 22 short of his career high of 75 from last season. There’s still time.

Speaking Of The PK

LA pumped in 3 PPGs on the night (2 on Bennett penalties), snapping the Flames 3 game streak of not allowing a PPG.

The Flames Finally Lost...

....a game where they were out shot by their opponent. Calgary had 23 SOG compared to LA’s 29. That’s the first time they’ve had less shots and lost in 8 games. This is what it’s come to.

Highlight Of The Night

Post Game Reaction