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Calgary Flames at Chicago Blackhawks [Game 53]

Flames at Blackhawks

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports
6:30 PM MST
Radio Network Arena Network Radio
960 AM CFAC SN United Center NBCSC 720 AM WGN
League Value Metric Value League
15th 57.7% Points Percentage 53.8% 20th
24th 14.37% Net Power Play Percentage 12.77% 27th
21st 81.66% Net Penalty Kill Percentage 84.91% 8th
24th 96.02% Combined Special Teams Percentage 97.67% 19th
21st 2.83 Goals for per Game (All Situations) 2.94 14th
13th 2.87 Goals against per Game (All Situations) 2.79 10th
15th .10 Penalty +/- per Game (All Situations) .56 2nd
5th 52.43% Shot Attempt Percentage (5V5 Score Adjusted) 53.17% 3rd
7th 52.67% Scoring Chance Percentage (5V5 Score Adjusted) 53.19% 4th
19th 99.95% P.D.O. (5V5) 100.10% 17th
22nd 7.07% Shooting Percentage (5V5) 7.55% 16th
9th 92.88% Save Percentage (5V5) 92.55% 15th
Data from and Natural Stat Trick
The Enemies' Lair
Second City Hockey

The Calgary Flames take on the Chicago Blackhawks live in Chicago. Puck drop is at 8:35 P.M.