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Calgary Flames 2 @ Boston Bruins 5 Nightcap

Got 66 Points - but not a Playoff spot clinch .. Calgary Flames falter to big bad Bruins.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Boston Bruins
Rittich makes 35 saves, just a few shy of a W for the good guys.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Dougie Hamilton gets 23:19 TOI against his Draft Team - 6 shots, to no avail on Tuukka Rask. David Rittich came to play, and looked confident in his puck handling early on in the game. #33 made a great save on David Backes' only shot of the game, only to have Backes get his second A of the night with Bergeron's second goal - and with that, all the Flames horses couldn't put them back together again.

Things kept falling apart at the end for the Flames as the Bruins ruin Calgary's 6-game road record, now 3-2, with a sixth road game versus Nashville Predators on thursday.

1st 28 seconds..

Boston Bruin #20 Nash goes 5-hole on David Rittich to start the game. Only for Sam Bennett #93 to reset the game at 17:57 clock. 1-1 early.

Johnny Gaudreau shoots square at Tuukka, thereafter on the other end - Hamonic lets Marchand know he's defending his goaltender Rittich.

Bruins take a cross-checking call on Kulak - Flames get a couple of shots on target, but no goal.

Flames with some great speed and pressure, with Johnny capitalizing on Gio's rebound - just sneaks one in stick side on Rask.

2-1 half way in the first for Calgary Flames

Bruins having trouble staying onside, nice little whistle break for Rittich. Hamilton having a good defensive period - good support, allowing Gaudreau a snipe attempt on the other end with Ferdiddy #79 beauty pass.

Flames playing an aggressive first half outweighing the big Bruins in hits and double the shots on net 12-6 with 4:20 left in the period.

Frolik takes a late period penalty - they call it slashing - should've used a carbon fibre hockey stick.

4-4 play for under a minute as Pastrnak takes a foolish slash on Captain Gio. Flames end the period with a point shot from Dougie.


Rittich putting a couple of stops on Spooner, right after Johnny #13 dives for the puck before it crosses the blueline - close to a tripping .. #33 Rittich hugging the pole and keeping a keen eye on the sliding puck as the Bruins pressure after a 30 second PK to start the 2nd period.

Shots are even 15-15 5 minutes into the second.

Spooner causing havoc for the Flames - Stone takes the hooking penalty on him.

Rittich saved by the post - as Spooner ricochet's one off the shiny red - Bruins would hit the cross bar minutes later. #33 with some reflex saves for the huge Flames PK.

Still 2-1 as the Flames net is flipped upside down. Rittich saying what's up man to Krejci - Watch out for that glass pane.

Monahan #23 getting involved, as he's sent to the hotbox for - what'd he do - holding hands with #59 black and yellow.

Chara trying to chop off Johnny's feet - trips on his way to the box.

Shorthanded heart attack as Bruins get a shot on, no goal. Only for Nash to pot his second - tying the game, all 2s - right after Flames PP ends.

Both goaltenders in their element. Rittich getting some help from the post as well as the Flames D showing up - Dougie with 5 shots half way in the game. Flames letting only one shot on goal in that last PK - with Monny in the box.

Ouch - Rittich drops

#59 takes him out from under!!! He had his left leg extended - Rittich had no room .. <smiles for the camera>.

2-2 End of 2nd.

Bruins peppering Rittich with shots. Stats: 21-27 shots for Team Black and Yellow. Penalty minutes divvied up, lopsided for Boston 6-8.


Bruins start the period much like the 1st; and 2nd - crashing the net - on a Flames PP.

You wouldn't know that the Calgary Flames started the 2nd and the 3rd period with a 30 second player advantage.

Frolik gets a time out for hooking - allowing a Krug to Bergeron play, as #37 C whips one past Rittich - right on mark.

3-2 with an early Bruins PP goal in the 3rd period.

Marchand wants a new face mask - sits for two, and thinks about what he just did.

Bennett's shot comes in regulation time - end of Flames PP - as Rask holds on to it.

Bergeron gets 2 goals in 8 minutes to give the Bruins a 4-2 lead.

The go ahead again goal going in off of #37's skate - Marchand with the sniper one timer - stunning Rittich, right back into his crease.

Bruins doing bruin things - shots are up to 38-29 against Rittich with 5 minutes left to play - and an icing call on the Flames.

Chara with a hole-in-one empty netter to make it 5-3 Bruins.

Early exit for Rittich as Flames try for the man advantage - only to have to put #33 back in net with an even bigger disadvantage. Somebody get the Flames a band-age - Bruins are band-its.

Calgary Flames still chasing the playoff dream. Fingers crossed - as M&G Calgary Flames fans watch the Pacific Division race closely. Both Anaheim Ducks (65 pts) , and LA Kings (65 pts) lost today. San Jose Sharks (68 pts) game is pending. It's a great time to be a hockey fan.