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The Morning After Columbus: Calgary Just Scored Again. Joking....We Think

Calgary Flames v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Calgary Flames 9 - Columbus Blue Jackets 6

Ok, we think the scoring is over. THINK. Calgary hung 9 goals on the Blue Jackets in a wild and unpredictable game in Columbus. There was no goaltending. There was no defence. Offence? Oh, there was plenty of offence for sure. Sean Monahan (4), Johnny Gaudreau (4), Mark Giordano (3), Matthew Tkachuk (3) and Elias Lindholm (2) combined for 16 points. 16. You read that correctly. Here’s the rest of the best of what wasn’t covered in our recap or Rate The Flames.


-7: Seven is the number of goals the Flames and Blue Jackets combined to score in the second period, which is a high in the NHL this season.

-We Got A First!: Mike Smith even got involved in the scoring tonight. The Flames keeper picked up his first point by collecting an assist on Johnny Gaudreau’s 3rd period goal.

-15 Goals Is Tops: The 15 combined goals between the Flames and Blue Jackets is the highest scoring game so far this season.


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What’s Next?

12/6: Calgary Flames vs Minnesota Wild 7PM MT