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Calgary Flames (1) @ San Jose Sharks (3): Early Period Goals Send Flames To Defeat

Calgary heads home with a loss to San Jose after 2 early period Sharks goals.

NHL: Calgary Flames at San Jose Sharks Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

Calgary Flames 1 San Jose Sharks 3

Complete Stats


The Flames dropped their second game in California with a 3-1 loss to the San Jose Sharks Sunday night. This game never seemed like it was going to go the Flames way and 2 plays late in the 3rd period were all the proof you’d need.

The Sharks struck first and 50 seconds in early. Evander Kane continues to be a nightmare for the Flames as he scored his 8th goal of the season before most fans were even in their seats. Kane would be a theme for the night as he and his line would do all the damage to the Flames in this contest.

The Flames would settle in and offer some push back, but another early period goal would turn out to be the difference maker for the Sharks. San Jose only needed 1:28 seconds to score in the second period and the Kane line would be the culprits. The Flames would get a really good look at the puck as they were all watching it, instead of Joonis Donskoi who would find a nice open spot on the ice and bury his 4th goal of the season with Kane and Joe Pavelski getting the helpers. All 3 of those players were involved in all 3 San Jose goals and they wouldn’t need anything else.

Calgary would get within 1 goal when Sean Monahan scored his 9th of the season at 6:08 of the second period, but that lone goal wasn’t enough for the Flames to get a victory. Calgary would out shoot the Sharks 30-29 and receive a penalty shot that Sam Bennett would come up empty on, but there were 2 curious no calls at the end that could have helped the Flames. Johnny Gaudreau was clearly tripped/hooked/interfered with behind the Sharks net by Joe Pavelski, but there was no call and Evander Kane killed a Flames rally by firing the puck into the stands behind the San Jose net, but there was no call. Both were clearly penalties missed by the on ice officials and the Flames would end up surrendering an empty netter by the aforementioned Joe Pavelski and limp back to Calgary 3-1 losers.


Calgary Flames

1st: None

2nd: 6:02- Monahan (9) (Jankowski)

3rd: None

San Jose Sharks

1st: :50- Kane (6) (Pavelski/Donskoi)

2nd: 1:28- Donskoi (4) (Kane/Pavelski)

3rd: 19:08- Pavelski (8) Empty Net (unassisted)

Final Thoughts

Mike Smith hurt the Flames early, but helped them later in the game. His 2 early goals were clearly back breakers, but he played very solid the rest of the way and it could be argued the Flames only hung around due to his goaltending. Speaking of goalies, you have to tip your hat to Martin Jones. Jones robbed the Flames repeatedly in this game, none more evident than his save on what should have been the game tying goal off of Mark Jankowski’s stick.

The Flames also found themselves without a PP opportunity in this game as well. They should have had one, if not two in the 3rd period and the penalty shot awarded to Sam Bennett nullified what would have been a power play for Calgary.

Flame Of The Game

NHL: Calgary Flames at San Jose Sharks Andrew Villa-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bennett (C): Bennett had a very solid game tonight, leading the Flames in SOG with 6. His penalty shot left something to be desired, but overall his play was something to build upon and he looked faster than he’s looked all season. Now he just needs some confidence and things might start to look up.