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Calgary Flames (2) Montreal Canadiens (3): Habs Just Flat Out Better Than Calgary

Montreal took advantage of an undisciplined Flames team and took 2 points away from the Flames Tuesday night.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Calgary Flames (2) Montreal Canadiens (3)


Team 1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period Total
Team 1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period Total
Calgary Flames 1 0 1 2
Montreal Canadiens 0 3 0 3

Complete Stats


0-5. You aren’t winning anything when your power play gets a goose egg over the course of 60 minutes. It’s rare that you get 5 PPO on the road, especially in Montreal, but the Flames did and did nothing with all 5 chances. It also doesn’t help when you’re outshot 40-23 on the night.

What did go well for the Flames? David Rittich. Rittich held the fort for as long as he could, giving up 3 goals on 40 shots and let’s be clear: this isn’t on Rittich. The Flames backup (for how long?) kept the Flames in this contest, allowing Calgary to keep a 1-0 lead heading into the second period. He made MANY quality saves over the first 20 minutes, all while the Canadiens swarmed the Flames zone as if they had an extra skater on the ice.

Calgary took 2 terrible penalties in the second period and that’s where it all went downhill. T.J. Brodie and Elias Lindholm took back to back penalties and Montreal took full advantage, scoring back to back PPG, in effect sinking the Flames in a little over 4 minutes.

The Flames “pushed” back a little in the third, but they couldn’t solve Carey Price, who shut the door on the Flames, stopping 21 shots. The late rush was just too late and with the way Montreal played all night long it was going to be a struggle to get the equalizer. And in the end, the Flames didn’t get it and fell 3-2 to Montreal to end a short, 2 game road trip.


Calgary Flames

1st Period: Michael Frolik (4) (Tkachuk, Backlund)

2nd Period: None

3rd Period: Elias Lindholm (6) (Backlund, Tkachuk)

Montreal Canadiens

1st Period: None

2nd Period: Jeff Petry (1) (Drouin, Domi) PPG, Gallagher (5) (Petry, Domi) PPG, Jonathan Drouin (3) (Ouellet)

3rd Period: None

Final Thoughts

Every single player in that locker room owes David Rittich one. Rittich once again showed that he’s settling in and looking better and better with each NHL start. Tonight would be a game where you think a player could lose some confidence after playing so well, so it’ll be interesting to see how Rittich responds the next time he gets the nod.

The power play wasn’t anything to write home about and the PK was just as bad. They killed 3 of the 5 chances they were saddled with, but the back to back PPG in the second period were a back breaker.

The Flames just didn’t have it all night long and Montreal did. The Canadiens were just flat out better in every facet of the game and the 3-2 score wasn’t really indicative of the flow of the game.

Also, the Flames better figure out a way to protect Johnny Gaudreau or this going to be a long season. Gaudreau took a borderline hit from Jordie Benn in the 3rd and had to leave ANOTHER game due to the Flames concussion spotters wanting a look at the Flames star forward. Gaudreau got back in the game, but the Flames need to look long and hard at these incidents because if they don’t do something, they’re going to get Gaudreau hurt.

Flame Of The Game

NHL: Calgary Flames at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

David Rittich (G): The Flames keeper had his 3rd solid start of the season in net, yet came out on the losing end. If you only watched the 1st period you’d find it preposterous that the Flames lost this game, yet they did. But the Flames losing had nothing to do with Rittich’s play. His play was the only reason the score wasn’t AT LEAST 4-1 at the end of the first 20 minutes.

What’s Next?

10/25: Calgary Flames vs Pittsburgh Penguins 7 PM MT