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Inferno’s Keep the Beat Game Holds Special Place for Jacquie Pierri

The Calgary Inferno’s fourth #KeepTheBeat game is a special game for defenceman Jacquie Pierri

The Calgary Inferno will be hosting Les Canadiennes de Montreal this weekend for a Clarkson Cup rematch. This will be the first meeting between the two clubs since they last saw each other during the Clarkson Cup final – where Les Canadiennes won their fourth Clarkson Cup. This isn’t the first time these two met during the Clarkson Cup finals. In fact, they met just the year before; where the Inferno took home the grand prize for their first ever win.

But this game isn’t just a Clarkson Cup rematch. It’s also the Inferno’s fourth Keep the Beat game, a game in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, where items will be available for auction with proceeds going to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The Keep the Beat game isn’t only a great cause, but it holds a special place for veteran Jacquie Pierri, who lost her dad and her cousin to heart disease. So leading the Inferno’s Keep the Beat event for the last few years was a perfect opportunity for her to spread the message.

“After struggling with the loss of my cousin Tori during my college years and then losing my Dad just after, I wanted to do something to honor their memory and to help me heal,” Said Pierri. “When I started doing some research and people started sharing their own stories about losing loved ones to heart disease, it became very apparent that this was a widespread issue (leading cause of death in North America for men and women). I was also struck by how many of the statistics point to heart disease being preventable with a healthy lifestyle. I’m hoping by sharing my story people will be motivated to make changes in their lives.”

It helps that she's had an incredible amount of support from her teammates.

“My teammates have been incredible year after year.” Pierri reiterated. “They have been a big force in soliciting auction items to help raise money, helping promote, and more importantly, they have been incredible supports for me personally. Last year the team presented me with a painting done by Dos [American artist], who painted a picture of me in an Inferno jersey with my Dad on the ice, something we never got to share, and I think it is the most meaningful gift I have ever received. It still makes me emotional to even think about it. I also know I’m not the only player to have gone through loss of a loved one, or to have lost a parent; I hope I have been able to be as good of a teammate in return. “

Over the last three years, the Inferno have raised over $13,000 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they’re hoping to add on to that this year.

“While raising that amount is incredible, Pierri’s main goal is to spread the message, improve health education, and raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, especially within the hockey community. The Calgary Inferno have been running a social media campaign where they’re providing health tips, lifestyle risk factors, and spreading the message about heart disease and stroke."

The Inferno have prizes and auction items, with some Flames prizes, including:

  • Two (2) tickets to the Calgary Flames vs. Anaheim Ducks game that same night (Saturday, Jan. 6th), with dinner and transportation from Winsport to the Saddledome provided
  • Four (4) tickets to the Flames vs. New York Islanders game on March 11th
  • Four (4) tickets to the Hitmen vs. Tigers game on Feb. 11th
  • Four (4) tickets to the Hitment vs. Rebels game on Feb. 11th
  • Scotch glass and cookbook set
  • Johnny Gaudreau framed photo
  • 2018 Team Canada signed stick
  • Hayley Wickenheiser signed stick
  • Marie-Philip Poulin signed memorabilia
  • Inferno signed poster
  • Inferno signed jersey
  • Three gorgeous paintings by American artist Dos

That’s quite a big number of prizes and auction items. Here’s to adding on top of that $13,000 already raised in just three years.

Donations can also be made here: