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3 Things From Week 16: Brodie Likes Jets, There’s Still A Streak & Surveying The Landscape.

Maybe Winnipeg should look at T.J. Brodie, Points in 8 straight is impressive and we asked, you answered.

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Well, what to write about this week? The Flames had an extremely light week due to their mandated 5 days off, but we think there’s enough to squeeze 3 observations out of this abbreviated week. Calgary only had one game this week, a 2-1 SO loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday afternoon. Not the ideal way to come out of the break, but if there is a silver lining they at least grabbed a point in the loss. The Flames are currently still in 6th place in West, ahead of Dallas and Colorado in the WC standings. Here’s the rest of what happened in Week 16.

Brodie & The Jets: It’s a good pairing.

T.J. Brodie has been an odd mix this season: he’s either gangbusters on offence or gangbusters on defence. He hasn’t been able to put the two parts of his game together at all this season. Early on he struggled patrolling the blue line and lately he’s had zero luck putting the puck in the net. The one constant where he puts it all together is against the Winnipeg Jets. Brodie had the opening marker in Saturday’s contest, a beautiful exercise in patience where he waited out Connor Hellebuyck and ripped one top shelf for his 3rd goal of the season. Brodie’s other two goals of the season also came against.....the Winnipeg Jets back on October 7th. Brodie had a 4 point game that night and with his goal on Saturday, 5 of his 20 points have come against Winnipeg. Maybe it’s something with the Jets because he has 6 points in 10 games over his career against Winnipeg.

It’s Still A Streak: The Flames lost, but they still have a streak going.

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Yes, the Flames winning streak is over. Calgary’s season high for W’s will hold at 7 for now as they fell to Winnipeg yesterday, but their points streak is still alive. By falling the shoot out, the Flames were able to secure 1 point in the loss, upping their season total to 55. That total puts them one point behind second place San Jose in the Pacific Division and puts them 3 points out of 5th place in the West. If you’re counting at home, that’s points in 8 straight games for the Flames and at this point in the season EVERY point is valuable, though 2 is always better than 1.

Survey Says!: You think we’re doing Ok.

We here at M&G would like to thank you for filling out our survey this week to see how we are doing. Most of your responses were positive and we really appreciated the feedback. One thing that did come up was the need for people engaging in conversation at the website in the comments section of articles. Truth be told, that’s one thing we had always wondered about: why does no one comment on the articles at the website? Most other team websites have people commenting left and right on the articles that are posted. We found, through the survey, that a majority of our readers don’t have an account with SB Nation. You can’t comment if you don’t have an account with SB Nation or M&G. So, wanna chat and comment? Sign up! Otherwise, you seem happy with what we are doing here and we really do appreciate you coming on over and reading, engaging us on Twitter and your comments on Facebook. We are working on some new stuff for the rest of the season (possibly a podcast!!!) so stay tuned and as always.....GO FLAMES GO!