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BREAKING: No Discipline For Mark Giordano

The Flames captain will not be fined or suspended.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Per Wes Gilbertson, Mark Giordano will not be suspended for his hit on Carolina’s Sebastian Aho on Sunday.

The Flames captain was ejected from the Flames and Hurricanes game after he laid a devastating hit on the young Hurricanes star. Aho came across the blue line with his head down and headed towards the face off circle. Giordano delivered a heavy hit that was judged to be a head shot by the on ice officials and Gio received a match penalty and got the gate for the rest of the contest. If you watch the replay, Aho came in with his head down and it’s not like Giordano was coming at him at full speed. Giordano slid into the lane and lowered his shoulder and delivered the hit.

The NHL clearly got a better look at the hit today and decided that Giordano’s hit wasn’t a head shot, nor was it worthy of a suspension and or fine. You can guarantee there will be backlash across other team’s fan bases over this <cough> Ducks <cough> lack of suspension or fine. Last season Giordano and Cam Fowler got tangled up and Fowler missed the playoffs due to the hit.

Giordano didn’t have a hearing for that hit or any discipline from the league and there is a reason why: Mark Giordano isn’t a dirty player. Plain and simple. People can fume about that hit and the hit on Aho all they want. Mark Giordano is a stand up person on and off the ice.