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Ranking The New Adidas Uniforms

A reader requested we rank the new jerseys, so, why not?

NHL: Preseason-Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Haven’t had enough jersey talk yet? Here’s some more! A reader asked us to rank all the new Adidas sweaters in one of our “mailbag” segments, but I figured that a piece like this would be lengthy and needed it’s own space. So here it is, the M&G Fashion Police ranking of all 31 NHL Adidas jerseys:

31: Las Vegas Golden Knights- Gross on 100 different levels. The logo is fine. The colors are gross and the jersey is just plain ugly. The red accent makes ZERO sense and the gold seems to overpowering. Pick one: gold or red. Not both.

30: Nashville Predators- We get it, you have yellow in your color scheme.

29: Colorado Avalanche- Never liked their look. Still don’t. It’s a decent color scheme, but the logo and “A” stripe at the waist doesn’t do much for me.

28: Edmonton Oilers- Their royal blue, white and orange color scheme always looked nice. The new orange look, well, I guess if you want to look like baby food, sure.

27: Anaheim Ducks- What’s with the sleeve stripes? At least the duck foot print is better than the old duck hockey hockey mask.

26: St. Louis Blues- Something about there being too much blue. I feel like the logo needs to be inverted, maybe yellow. It’s just A LOT of blue.

25: Calgary Flames- Meh. The Reebok kits were much better. The lack of the black vertical striping on the sides makes the jersey too red. At least they kept the shoulder patches.

24: Tampa Bay Lightning- While there’s something said for simplicity in design, there’s also something to be said for looking like you’re wearing a practice jersey.

23: Boston Bruins- Ditch the yellow shoulder yokes and add the bear patch back and we’ll talk. Classic colors, but needs a tweak.

22: Washington Capitals- Needs something. Maybe it’s the white part of the sleeves, maybe it’s the lack of stripes. It is definitely missing something.

21: Carolina Hurricanes- Like Calgary, there’s too much red. It feels like the jersey designers ran out of ideas at the elbow.

20: Ottawa Senators- Another team I think that failed in the sleeve area of the jersey. When the jersey is against a dark background it looks like the sleeve is cut in half. Then again, ice is white, so whatever.

19: Columbus Blue Jackets- Very blue, like St. Louis, but all one shade of blue. I’d like to see them ditch the current logo and use the Cannon logo or the Soldier logo. That would vault them up the list in my book.

18: Winnipeg Jets- It’s not bad, it’s not great. Middle of the pack, like the ranking. Their throwbacks are better.

17: Philadelphia Flyers- The orange is great and I LOVE the white name plate on the back. It needs some more black in the striping scheme.

16: San Jose Sharks- I’ve always loved their color scheme. The gold accent colors are a little odd. It’s very teal, which is fine, but a little extra black or grey somewhere in the jersey wouldn’t hurt.

15: Dallas Stars- These jerseys could vault way up on the list if they would just add some detail to their numbers. The plain white looks like a replica jersey.

14: LA Kings- Why the gigantic white block on the sleeve? Why?

13: Florida Panthers- I like everything the Panthers did to their uniforms and I’m glad they kept them basically the same.

12: NY Islanders- Classic look. Much better than anything they’ve had since the 80’s.

11: Vancouver Canucks- The logo is HUGE, but it works. Great color scheme and I love this Canucks logo the most out of all the versions they’ve had over the years. It’s the closest thing, color wise, we’ll get to the Hartford Whalers, so points for that.

10: Buffalo Sabres- There’s really nothing to complain about with these jerseys. They are a modern take on their classic 80’s jerseys.

9: NJ Devils- These jerseys got some rough reviews, but I like them. I’m not a huge shoulder yoke guy, but these look nice. It’s a single block color and it looks sharp. If they went green, they’d be #1.

8: Detroit Red Wings- Always simple, always classic. I don’t dock points for the Original 6 teams for the single color letters and numbers. That’s how they’ve always been and so it shall be.

7: Montreal Canadiens- Classic, simple. The Habs have never been one to mess with borderline perfection and they’ve kept true to their classic look.

6: Toronto Maple Leafs- Another uniform that needs nothing. Keeping the old time logo is a major bonus.

5: Pittsburgh Penguins- Thankfully the gold is gone. I’m not sure why they ever went away from these digs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

4: Arizona Coyotes- The Yotes have nailed their jersey. They started out horribly, but this color scheme and design is flawless. I’d add the Arizona flag patch back to the shoulder, but otherwise these jerseys are fantastic. Paw patches look nice too.

3: NY Rangers- The Original 6 teams are almost perfect and the Rangers are one of those that nailed it. Nothing fancy, simple red, white and blue and the diagonal font cascading down the jersey has never looked better.

2: Chicago Blackhawks- Red. White. Black. What else is needed? Adidas dropped the alternate jersey and the ‘Hawks will benefit from this. Chicago should never divert from these sets.

1: Minnesota Wild- I LOVE these. The Wild nailed it. I like the horizontal white stripe with the logo in the middle of it. The off white letters and numbers work, even though they aren’t the same shade as the stripes. Maybe it’s me, but I’d buy one of these just to say I have one.